Health Awareness Monthly Events – March 2015

Looking for month-long health awareness observances, for March 2015? Here’s a list for you, from HealthAware.

For more month of March events, start with this search-list link from the Care-Aware blog. For daily items, follow @CareAware on Twitter &/or the Care-Aware Calendar pages on Facebook & Pinterest.


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Health awareness day & week events – February 2015

Looking for health awareness events around the globe?

Here’s HealthAware’s list for February 2015 (below).

… and, in case you missed it, here’s a recent Care-Aware Calendar blog post with February 2015 awareness-event highlights:


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2/1/15: National Freedom Day + Dignity Action Day* (GB, UK)

1st Week of February:  United Nations’ World Interfaith Harmony Week* + African Heritage & Health Month (during Black History Month), Women’s Heart Health Week, Burn Awareness Week* (USA & Canada), National School Counseling Week and Boy Scout Anniversary Week.

2/2: Rheumatoid Awareness Day, National Neuroblastoma Awareness Day* (AU), #WorldWetlandsDay + Groundhog Day (PA/USA) & Marmot Day (AK).

2/3/15: African-American Coaches Day (1st Tues.), Four Chaplains Memorial Day + Endangered Species Act Anniversary (1973).

2/4/15: #WORLDCANCERDAY * + National Girls and Women in Sports Day (1st Wed.) & USO Day.

2/5: Western Monarch Day.

2/6/15: #WearRedDay (Women’s Heart Health) & Give Kids A Smile Day (1st Friday) + International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation.*

2/7/15: Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day + Take Your Child to the Library Day (1st Sat.).

2nd Week of February:  CHD (Congenital Heart Defects) Awareness Week,* Heart Failure Awareness Week, Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy Week, Cardiac Rehabilitation Week, Cardiovascular Professionals Week, Children of Alcoholics Week, National Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week, Random Acts of Kindness Week, National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans Week, International Friendship Week,* Go Green Week* (UK), National/International Condom Week* (week of/prior-to Valentine’s Day).

2/8/15: Autism Sunday* (aka International Day of Prayer for Autism and Asperger Syndrome*) & World Marriage Day* (2nd Sun.).

2/9: International Epilepsy Day* & World Day of the Dentist* + National Stop Bullying Day (also Oct. 8).

2/11/15: World Day of the Sick* + National Shut-In Visitation Day.

2/12/15: NAACP Day + Safety Pup Day.

2/13/15: Women’s Heart Health Day (Fri. of Valentine’s Day* week) + United Nations’ World Radio Day.*

2/14: Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) Awareness Day,* Organ and Tissue Donor Day, National Women’s Heart Day, National Have a Heart Day, League of Women Voters Day + World Whale Day,* International/National Condom Day* and Valentine’s Day.*
           » Feb. is Heart Month*/Heart Health Month, Women’s Heart Health Month, Marfan Syndrome Awareness Month, Condom Month and Cancer Prevention Month.

2/15: International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day,* Angelman Syndrome Day,* Susan B. Anthony Day + National Hippo Day.

3rd week of February:  OCD [Obsessive Compulsive Disorder] Week of Action* (UK); Australia’s Healthy Weight Week;* Brotherhood/Sisterhood Week + National Justice for Animals Week .

2/16/15: 911 Day (1st call: 1968) & President’s Day (3rd Mon.) + Kyoto Protocol Day* (United Nations/Climate Change).  

2/17/15: Shrove Tuesday* (aka International Pancake Day* / Paczki Day*), Mardi Gras* 2015, World Human Spirit Day* + Random Acts of Kindness Day & PTA Founders Day (1910).
                  » Feb. Is Random Acts of Kindness Month.

2/18/15: Ash Wednesday* (Lent begins – 46 days < Easter) + University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day* (GB, UK).

2/19/15: Chinese New Year* (Year of the Sheep).

2/20/15: World Day for Social Justice* + Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day.

2/21/15 World Information Architecture Day* (3rd Fri) + International Mother Language Day.*

4th/Final week of February: Eating Disorders Awareness Week (begins on last Sun.) + Bird Health Awareness Week & National Invasive Species Awareness Week.

2/22/15: #WorldThinkingDay * (Girl Scouts).

2/23-24: Museum Advocacy Day(s).

2/24/15: Spay Day USA (Humane Society; last Tues.).

2/25: Let's All Eat Right Day (nutritionist Adelle Davis: 1904) + Inconvenience Yourself Day (4th Wed.).

2/26/15: Introduce A Girl to Engineering Day (Thurs. of Engineering Week).

2/27: National Day of Action (Peace Corps), International Polar Bear Day* + Aspirin Anniversary (Bayer's patent, 1900).

2/28: World #RareDiseaseDay 2015,* DNA Discovery Day* (1953), Tooth Fairy Day (also Aug. 22) + International Sword Swallowers Day* (final Sat.) .
           » Feb. is Marfan Syndrome Awareness Month, Cancer Prevention Month & National Children's Dental Health Month. 
* = Held either outside of the USA and/or worldwide/globally/internationally.

Note: Some events may be held on different days/dates in other years.  If I know (to the best of my knowledge/research) that at least one event on a specific day/date is changeable (i.e. held on the 1st Sunday, rather than February 1st, each year), I added the year to the date-format, in the listings above (i.e. 2/1/15, instead of just 2/1).
© Care-Aware™ 2015 (this post/format). Individual events may be copyrighted by their own founders/hosts.

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Summer Shares: Link Up, Share, and Show You Care

Link up to awareness event info happening over the summer months.  Explore, find some “eye openers” (things you didn’t know before) and share the stories, facts, stats and/or videos and such with your friends and social media.  We might not be able to see what happens and who-all is helped, but believe me, there’s a ripple effect!  Each “pebble” of awareness skipped into the waves of the worldwide web reaches someone and makes a difference.

Summer Shares ...from your beach chair? :)

Summer Shares …from your beach chair? 🙂



2014 National Health Observances in June (USA)

June 2014 health events around the world via HealthAware: Days/Weeks/Month-Long

United Nations Observances (June Days) via



2014 National Health Observances in July (USA)

June 2014 health events around the world via HealthAware: Days/Weeks/Month-Long

 United Nations Observances (July Days) via



2014 National Health Observances in August (USA)

August 2014 health events around the world via HealthAware: Days/Weeks/Month-Long

 United Nations Observances (August Days) via



2014 National Health Observances in September (USA)

Sept (2013) health events around the world via HealthAware: Days/Weeks/Month-Long

United Nations Observances (September Days) via


You can also find the current (and recent/previous) Presidential Proclamations (USA) here.

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Surf for Your Health: June Awareness Links


Ready to surf for your health (& other important issues)?

Here are some top links to check out for month of June health and wellness awareness events:

National Health Observances (USA):

Presidential Proclamations (USA):

Health Events Around the World (HealthAware): and

United Nations Observances (


Do a few minutes of surfing… find something interesting to share, and post/update/tweet/talk about it: The people who are affected by whichever thing you choose to highlight will be grateful that you cared enough to learn something about it/them and passed it on!  Plus, you’re bound to run across something that may help you or someone else you know, too.

I can’t believe it’s JUNE already!  Have a great month, Everybody!☼



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Mental Health Blog Day: May 14, 2014

May is Mental Health Month (in the USA), and today is Mental Health Blog Day! 

Go to the website and get the details, here.

You don’t have to have an actual BLOG-blog to post something for Mental Health Blog Day.  Facebook and Twitter (which is a ‘micro-blog’ site) and other Social Media sites are great, too!  Blog about your experiences with mental health/illness, help spread awareness, decrease stigma and let others know they aren’t alone (either in having a mental health issue of their own, or as caregivers, parents, friends or family of someone who does).  Use the hashtag #MHBlogDay.  On Twitter, you can also follow @APAHelpCenter, which is who I got the link from.

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May 12th 2014 Recaps: International ME/CFS Awareness Day, International Nurses Day and Florence Nightingale’s Birthday


As you can see, International ME/CFS Awareness Day, International Nurses Day and Florence Nightingale’s birthday all happen on May 12th and all have something to do with Florence Nightingale.  Yet, over a century past her death, the awareness is still getting off the ground, and no cure has been found for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Progress is being made each year, though: Valiantly led mostly by the patients themselves, some family members and friends and a small assortment of media professionals.


I just wanted to share some of the links to just a bit of those awareness efforts which I ran across today, when I was able to peek in on Twitter:

Here’s the May 12th announcement-tweet (with link to their Facebook page):


2014 was the 1st year the day went on without Tom Hennessey Jr, its’ founder:


Here’s a couple tweets with posts/links to many happenings for ME/CFS awareness:

This year included the “May 12th Blog Bomb” with dozens of ME/CFS bloggers posting pieces with stories and awareness issues.  Click on the link in this tweet, for that:

I’ve only read a few, myself, so far… they’re in these tweets:


There was also an interesting show/hangout with various top ME/CFS experts, patients and media mavens which was simultaneously tweeted on as it aired. There seemed to be lots of great general awareness about cause/illness/disability awareness-issues, in it, as well.  Here’s the tweet/link for the recap/video (more info below the YouTube version of that video):


Here are a couple tweets/links about International Nurses Day (and Florence Nightingale):

I’ve obviously only touched on the tip of the iceberg, for the day, with these few items.  If you’re a ME/CFS advocate and have an important item to add get in touch with me via Twitter (@Care_Aware: Follow to DM me, or @reply to me…) and I’ll try to make it happen (you could also leave a comment here, but they won’t show up w/o approval [too much spam] and I don’t check, so you’ll have to give me a heads-up that it’s here, via Twitter).


The ‘Day’ may be nearly over, but the awareness continues for the entire month of May (and, of course, year-round); so there’s plenty of time for us to continue to pass things around.


Thanks for caring and sharing.  It makes a difference and helps accelerate the actions taken to help important awareness causes which need your assist (like this)!


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