♥ February Flurries of Awareness ❆

Right now some big portions of the U.S. are experiencing various storms: swaths of snow (including in the deserts of AZ, where they rarely have freezing temps, much less white-stuff); regions of rain &/or freezing rain, and I heard predictions of possible tornadoes, in some areas …&/or a nor’easter, elsewhere.   Meanwhile, it’s Severe Weather Awareness Week in Tennessee and Alabama.

February’s awareness topics have begun to stir up a flurry, too; and that’s the sort of storm that’s welcome!

Congenital Heart Defects Awareness Week & Day (7-14 & 14th, respectively) are picking up speed. Hopefully, more people signed up as donors on National Donor Day, too.  I learned that a really large percentage of those who are waiting for organs need kidneys …which is one thing you can actually donate live (since we can live with just 1). There have even been chains of donors who don’t match their loved-one’s type (who needs 1), but matches someone else’s loved-one’s type, so they do a round-about re-gifting. Rather awesome. Even the little-known International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day (15 Feb) seemed to have piqued more interest, this year (thank goodness).  I’ve noticed National Organizations (including Alex’s Lemonade: here) posting about the global impact of childhood cancer , as well, which is really heartening to see.  And speaking of heartening things, Heart Month — although always quite well-known — appears to be finally breaking through the awareness glass-ceiling of sorts in making women aware of the fact that heart attacks aren’t just a guy thing: Heart disease is, in fact, the No. 1 killer of women, and the symptoms of a heart attack can differ, for us.

While we’re on the topic of women, tho, Valentine’s Day got a global boost in its’ V-Day campaign, which is an effort to end violence against women and girls, worldwide.  There was dancing in the streets and flash-mobs  with the #1billionrising campaign, begun by Eve Ensler (of ‘The Vagina Monologues’). Support for the campaign rose up from celebrities, news stations, governments, workplaces, schools and citizens all over the world.  Inspiring! You can catch up via the V-Day YouTube Channel.

As another song-of-hope (some tweeting of the natural sort) showing what a bunch of individuals can do in concert with each other, The Great Backyard Bird Count took place this past weekend, and at least 25,474,173 individual birds were counted on nearly 120,000 checklists.  What else can we do, when we make other global group volunteer efforts?!

But back to Heart Month and V-Day.  I wanted to make sure you were aware of 2 important chats happening today (on Twitter &/or online):

♥ ☛ As part of American Heart Month, the American Heart Association is holding a Google Hangout/Twitter chat today at 12:30 CST (1:30pm ET, 11:10am MT, 10:30am PT…): “Know Your Numbers and Life’s Simple 7.” On Twitter, follow @American_Heart @BaylorHealth & @DailyRX, and use the #HeartChat hashtag.  If your working, no worries: I saw a mention by the Assn saying they planned to post it on their YouTube channel, afterwards.

★☛ Then there’s a HUGE, ALL-DAY (8am-5pm ET) online chat/webcast on domestic violence, today, which is being sponsored by Verizon Wireless, and will involve over 300 domestic violence organizations! Follow the #DVPsummit hashtag and @VZWnews on Twitter, and go to the “DVP Summit: A Day to Connect, Inspire and Heal” page, online. There will be discussions about community/healthcare support, PTSD, how boys & men can be part of the solution, social media awareness and mobile giving + more (check out the schedule on the link above)!  Should be excellent.  DO jump in on whatever parts you’re able! Hopefully they’ll archive it, too, somehow …for everyone who’s working/in-school, etc.

We’ve still got about a week’s worth of February left, which means that World Rare Disease  Day is on its’ way in about a week (a bit less, really, since the time zones on the other side of the globe begin quite a bit earlier than here).  Your help in spreading awareness for this is super-appreciated, as they affect 10% of Americans (yep, 1-in-10 people in the U.S. has something that’s classified as a rare disease/disorder …which just means it affects <200,000 people [here …in Europe, they really mean rare: it’s 1-in-2,000, there]). YOU might have 1, too (and just not know that it falls into that category, technically)!

I hadn’t gotten around to re-posting February links or an updated Month-of post (but I figured you could either find the links on the home page here, search, or perhaps you’re following on Twitter (& maybe even reading my Facebook-post links?).  But, here’s a few for you, from the Care-Aware blog, just in case you haven’t already gotten around to all-that:

MONTH of FEBRUARY Awareness Events

Note: Just found out it’s also Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness Month/CC Month (Bile Duct Cancer Awareness Month!

Assorted February Awareness Posts from 2010

Assorted February Awareness Posts from 2009

There’s always much more to say (& DO!). For now, “Have a good day (and rest-of-the-week/month), Everyone!” Thanks for helping to spread awareness for the various causes! Love you all. ❤


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