Month of April Links & Wrap-Up

Is it just me, or did this past month seem a bit all-over-the-place, both weather/season & other-wise?

Anyway, just thought I’d throw in the last-minute links… April is showered with enough awareness to flood the rest of the year! You may want to stop through from time to time & browse through the many issues &/or prep for spreading some awareness for next year’s events.

Here’s the link to my earlier Month of April post.

For more previous April postings, go here (clicking “Older posts” at the bottom will bring you to a couple additional postings, for that year).

One awareness-month item that isn’t mentioned in those links is the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge, which WEGO Health (@wegohealth) hosts.  They created writing prompts for each day of the months, and there were lots of good tips sprinkled liberally throughout.  They also did weekly chats and highlights.  Of course, the real highlight was all of the great writing and awareness-spreading people did with those seeds that were planted: They totally ‘watered’ them, & they sprouted into a great awareness effort through ripples of blog-posts and wall-posts and tweets and Pins all over the place.  Most of the “activists” are also the people who’ve been most-affected by major health issues: Either the people who have had/are living-with health-challenges, themselves, or the parents of children or other caregivers of loved ones.  So many of them are incredibly eloquent and talented, & full of humor & hope & faith, with a good dose of tell-it-like-it-is, to boot.  DO go browse amongst the postings from this year, if you get a chance (and plan on joining in, next year, if you hadn’t already, this past month)!

Of course, there’s plenty of awareness for MAY, as well: It’s basically BLOOMING with it (April showers DO bring May flowers you know …or so they say)! Just click on some month of May links on the right side of the Care-Aware WordPress home page, & explore (&/or the link in this paragraph, above).  And, for the most-recent daily/weekly events and links, follow on Twitter @Care_Aware & @iCareAware (see you there)!

Note: If you see a long footer at the bottom of a Care-Aware post which doesn’t seem to sync well with it, it’s because it used to be on another blog-host site (Windows Live), & stuff didn’t transfer well, so it might not relate/equate.  Also, dates for ‘days’ and ‘weeks’ often change from year to year, unless they are set to always happen/begin on a certain DATE rather than on a day-of-the-week; so be aware, & double check with the links in that posting (or research it further on the web, with your own surfing)!

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