National Cancer Survivors Day (June 7, ’09)


June 7th, 2009, is…



National Cancer Survivors Day




National Cancer Survivors Day® is a “Celebration of Life”  – a symbolic event to show the world that life after a cancer diagnosis can be a reality.



The National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation defines a "survivor" as anyone living with a history of cancer… from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life.



Survivorship is not without its’ own challenges:  there are often physical, emotional, and financial hardships which can continue for years after diagnosis and treatment… sometimes including things like access to cancer specialists and promising new treatments, denial of health and life insurance coverage, financial hardships long after the initial diagnosis and treatment, employment problems, psychological struggles and the strain on personal relationships and the profound fear of recurrence.  More resources, research and legislation are needed, to help improve the quality of cancer survivors’ lives.



I personally know scores of survivors – from many who’ve been recently-diagnosed (& who are currently in treatment), to those who were diagnosed some time ago & have completed their treatments & are in remission or “NED” (declared as having “No Evidence of Disease”, in cancer-world terms), or even declared as having been “cured.”  I know of children who were given as little as less than 10% chance of living who are still here years later… of a woman who was told she had just months (or weeks) to live, who is still here several years later… & even of people who have survived cancer for decades (just to cite a few of the many instances)!  They are proof that one can live fulfilling lives after a cancer diagnosis, despite (& amidst) the challenges of it-all.  I celebrate their lives & survivorship with each of them, today. 



Happy Cancer Survivors Day to ALL cancer survivor’s everywhere!  You are beacons of hope to many others; & your lives & courage & stories are precious & priceless, in this world.  Blessings!



Visit The National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation website for more. [click]




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