“Farrah’s Story” – Video of Cancer Documentary Now Available Online


“Farrah’s Story”



If you missed the two-hour documentary about Farrah Fawcett’s experiences with being diagnosed with & treated by cancer (which aired last night [May 15, 2009] on NBC), it is now available for viewing online.



Farrah was originally diagnosed (on Sept. 22, ’06) with anal cancer, which eventually became stage 4 – metastasizing to her liver.  She & Ryan O’Neal (her long-time ‘significant other’) had also gone through Ryan’s earlier diagnosis & treatment for CML (Chronic Myelogenous leukemia [diagnosed in 2001]); & the death of Farrah’s sister,Diane, to lung cancer (in 1998). 



Much of “Farrah’s Story” includes real-life footage of Farrah (taped by her good friend, Alana Stewart) visiting doctors & going through treatments, surgery, & recovery.  Alana, at one point, had suggested that they needn’t tape all of it; but Farrah told her that this was "what cancer is" (kudos, Farrah)… so, fair warning: there’s footage of her throwing up, in there (sick from anesthesia… she counted herself vomiting 76 times, total, once), & going through the pain & hair loss & good news & bad… all  of the real stuff that cancer brings.  The affect on the family is also shown – with deeply-felt comments & footage from Ryan O’Neal & Farrah’s son, Redmond (who’s currently in jail on drug charges, but was released for a three-hour visit [a few weeks ago]).



Here’s a brief promo piece about Farrah’s documentary:





Farrah comments that there needs to be more awareness, research/funding, & utilization of treatments which are already being used in other countries (& which have been proven as effective, there).  Care-Aware agrees!



A big “thank you” to Farrah & her family & friends (& doctors/staffs) for bringing more, real cancer awareness into the world-wide spotlight.  Our love & prayers go out to her & all of her loved ones.



You can read about “Farrah’s Story” &/or watch the full video by clicking on the links below:


“‘Farrah’s Story’ a Tale of Inner Strength (Article) [click]


“Farrah’s Story” – Full Documentary (11-part videos) [click]




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