Getting Automatic Update Notifications &/or Feeds for this Blog/Page

Want to be notified when new things are added to this page?



For update notifications for this page (when blog, etc. is added to):


On the main/home Care Aware Spaces’ page (…


Just click on “Sign up for alerts”…   (I think there’s a bell next to it, actually LOL)… on the right-hand side, in the (“Visitor Tools”) strip above the Blog, in the center.


You will be able to choose from various selections, there (what to alert for [blog entries, comments, lists, etc] & where [email, IM, mobile phone…], etc.).


That’s it.  You’ll be notified via your choice(s), whenever I add stuff which fits the things you checked.  (Again, some days you may get several alerts, & possibly none for several days — feast or famine!) 



About Care-Aware

☺ 1 volunteer. ☼ 1 little awareness project. ☺ Helpful Health-full Happenings & Holidays. ☼ Do YOU know what day it is?
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